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Preserving knowledge and providing education in fibre arts.

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What is CGFA?

The Chinook Guild of Fibre Arts consists of about 200 members with diverse interests in fibre arts. There are a number of disciplines within the Guild, including:

Members also are committed to sharing their crafts with others in the community through a range of Community Initiatives (formerly Charity Programs).  The Guild's roots extend into the history of fibre arts in Alberta.  Alberta Handicrafts Guild ("AHG"), an active and long-established guild, was reorganizing and as a result, the Chinook Guild of Fibre Arts ("CGFA") was established as a membership guild so that AHG members, as well as new guild members, may proudly carry on the pursuit - learning and sharing - of fibre arts.

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    Updated:  September 15, 202

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Contact Us:

We meet at
Rosscarrock Community Hall
4411 10 Ave SW
Calgary, Alberta

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